Dungeon Treasure Game Development Update :

Check out the official Dungeon Treasure wall paper below. Click to enlarge.

Dungeon Treasure Game Development Update :

-All adventures and their corresponding dungeon maps are ready and await playtesting.

-Creatures, Non Player Characters and Store Merchant creation is going well. Please see the screen shots in the "About" page for sample images.

-Environmental graphics are nearing completion. Including jungles, towns, dungeons, caves, sewers, catacombs, buildings, stores, and homes.


Dungeon Treasure Game Development Update :

Attention all dungeon fans, artists and creative people!

We are currently looking for assistance in the development of medieval style character imagery for our upcoming indie role playing dungeon adventure game, "Dungeon Treasure: Zavier's Chronicles"

Send a resume and samples of art work to admin@dungeontreasure.com and join our independant dedicated group of RPG artists/fans in the creation of this unique Dungeon Adventure Game.

Dungeon Treasure Game Development Update :

Welcome RPG Dungeon Adventure fans! We are proud to announce the official release of our first in a series of independently developed RPG dungeon adventure games...

"Dungeon Treasure: Zavier's Chronicles "


Game Features:

- Exciting multi-facetted open ended storyline

- Non instanced quests ensure meaningful detailed adventures

- Solve mysteries, riddles, avoid pitfalls and menacing traps

- Explore countryside, towns, caves, catacombs, sewers and dungeons!

- Find 100's of items both valuable and mysterious

- Fight over 50 unique creatures with unique attack styles

- Choose from 16 different hero classes and character types

- Visit local shops to purchase food, armor, weopons and more

- Learn magic to cast over 40 different spells

- Find gems to place into weapons, armor, and clothing for magical effects!

- Original medieval music accompany you on your quests

- Photorealistic beautifully detailed creatures and environments to explore

- 15 upgrade levels across 4 different disciplines = 60 possible player upgrades!